Glutter of Ravens Battle Report – Turn 8

Turn 8: Ambrosius encourages his foot to make an impetuous charge at Maelgwyn, rolling a D10 vs Aggression, plus Ambrosius’s reputation, one HI unit charges but the other does not. Maelgwyn’s LI drive off the warband of Ambrosius’s LC that was worrying them with some effective slinging. The remainder of Ambrosius’s battle line charges to contact, but the HI that had impetuously charged is charged from behind by some unengaged LC. In the continuation of the LC combat on the previous turn, Maelgwyn’s LC gives Ambrosius’s LC a bloody nose, forcing them to retreat a full turn and following up a half turn themselves. Following the rule that LC have the initiative over HI, Ambrosius’s HI that had charged impetuously, became the defender. They rolled a 3, plus their Formation of 3 minus 1 because they were contacted in the rear, plus 2 (Heavy vs Light), minus 2 (outnumbered due to Maelgwyn’s HI being in support), giving 5. The LC rolled a 6, giving 10. Normally the HI would have rallied back with some loss of Strength & Agression, but because it was surrounded, it loses an Average Die roll each of Formation and Strength. The die rolls were 5 and 3, taking it to 0 Formation, 2 Aggression, and 3 Strength. Because their Formation went to 0 their woes were not over for the turn, Aggression is set to 1 and a further Strength point is lost. This takes them from a full strength warband of 80 men to a few survivors uncorking the mead for a drink with their ancestors in one five minute turn.

The final melee combat in the turn was between an HI, supported by Ambrosius, and Maelgwyn’s warband. Both sides scored 5, resulting in a minor advantage to Ambrosius.

Things were looking a little interesting for Ambrosius at this point, but I’d been playing for 2 1/2 hours so it was time to stop. Good fun though.

There are plenty of things that Ambrosius could have done differently to avoid his force becoming so scattered and mauled, but that’s for the next game.


3 responses to “Glutter of Ravens Battle Report – Turn 8

  1. Very interesting. So Maelgwn’s slingers proved fairly useful. Do you think they were the difference between the two sides? Do you think the difference between the average number of starting command points per unit (4.3 to 6 if I’m doing it right) was enough to give Ambrosius enough of an advantage to compensate for having fewer units?

    I wonder how it plays when you go with larger forces on each side, or an even more unbalanced confrontation–a defender with a lot of rabble in support against a more aggresive attacker.

    • Maelgwyn’s slingers were useful, in that he had an advantage in light troops that looked to be on the way to proving decisive. They could have been other troops though and Ambrosius would still have been in trouble. Maybe if Maelgwyn had, say, 10 warbands he may have had a problem but he had a high reputation so, no, Ambrosius did not bring enough mates with him.
      Either of those two scenarios that you describe would be fun to play out. I think one of the beauties of the game is the variety of army size and composition that you can use. So there would be a lot of potential for experimentation.

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