Glutter of Ravens Battle Report – Turns 1-4

The caveat for this game report is that it is new to me, I was playing solo so I had no one to bounce ideas off, and I have played DBA so that might have infected this game… so in summary the game might not have been supposed to go this way.

Turn 1: Ambrosius rolls an Average Die for Command Points and gets a 2. Adding his reputation, and not deducting anything because he was not in a melee and did not fire that makes it 5 Command Points. Maelgwyn is a little luckier and gets 7 Command Points. Both generals inspire their troops and move their LC up.

Turn 2: Ignoring General Slim’s axiom that the purpose of an advance guard is to advance, both generals bottle out with their LC. Ambrosius holds his steady and moves the rest of his force up at Heavy Infantry pace. Maelgwyn moves his slingers forward and pulls back his LC to form up with them, moving his remaining units forward at HI pace.

Turn 3: The main bodies of the armies continue to close. Maelgwyn sends his slingers out in a snazzy diagonal move – only possible for those wily light troops.

Turn 4: Ambrosius’s LC charges in to contact Maelgwyn’s LI. At this point Maelgwyn realises that he still had some inspiring left to do at the end of turn 1 as the LI started with Formation values of 1, rather than their maximum 2. The first LC rolls a D6 and gets a 3, plus its Aggression of 4, plus 1 because it is cavalry vs foot gives it an 8. Against this the LI gets a 1, plus its Formation of 1. This gave a difference of 6 – the LI stand Rallies Back a full move, losing 2 Strength and 1 Aggression. The other combat was a tie, both warbands remaining in place losing 1 Strength.


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