Glutter of Ravens Battle Report – Turns 5-7

The story so far: Ambrosius’s Dumnonians and Maelgwyn’s Cornish are advancing across a relatively featureless battlefield. Ambrosius is attempting to remedy is deficiency in light troops by depriving Maelgwyn of his slingers.

Turn 5: Maelgwyn completes the motivation of the troops that he neglected to do on turn 2, although the LI warband that had fallen back the previous turn was out of range for this. The other LI warband attempts a Commanded Retirement From Melee – rolling a 10 on a D10 against its Aggression of 2 it manages quite nicely, falling back 6cm.

Turn 6: Maelgwyn’s LI slingers fire, rolling a 10 on a D10 – above their Strength, so causing no harm to Ambrosius’s LC. One of Ambrosius’s LC charges into contact with the closer of Maelgwyn’s LI. The other is charged in the flank by one of Maelgwyn’s LC. In the LC vs LI combat, Ambrosius was the slight winner but both sides remained locked in combat. In the LC combat Ambrosius’s LC was forced to rally back.

Situation after movement on turn 6

Situation after movement on turn 6

Turn 7: Ambrosius pulled the LC that remained in combat with the LI back out of melee. His remaining LC turned and charged the LC that had charged it last turn. Combat between them was indecisive. Meanwhile the main bodies were nearly in contact. Ambrosius had sufficient moves to get within 1cm of Maelgywn’s line, but the rules state that in this circumstance you stop just out of zone of control – 4cm away.


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