Phoenician musicians

As a side project I’ve been looking online at pictures of Assyrian camp life, for DBMM camp building purposes. I came across this page about biblical musical instruments.

 If you scroll right down to the bottom there is a fetching reconstruction of an ivory pyxis that was found in the Burnt Palace at Nimrud, showing some Phoenician musicians. Consulting my copy of Art and Empire (Treasures from the British Museum) there is a photo of the pyxis. Sadly the miniskirt in the reconstruction is a fabrication, as that part of the pyxis was burnt, and the figure playing the drum looks a bit like Corporal Klinger from MASH. But I might just be able to convert the Xyston Greek musician playing the pipes for the DBA Phoenician army I am looking at building. Adjusting tunic to dress – fairly straigthforward. Cornrow hair maybe not so easy.


2 responses to “Phoenician musicians

    • Nope. But extending their tunics would hide their manly calves. This project is a way down the track so I have a while to obsess about it.

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