Assyrian Camp Scenes

One thing I find interesting about the various Assyrian reliefs and so on is that they show scenes of soldiers going about their daily life in camp. Understandably there are not many wargames figures who are not actually fighting, and the Museum figures look difficult to convert. But I’ve posted these photos that I took on my travels in the hope they prove inspirational. I have a few ideas about how I could approximate some of these for DBA camps or DBMM baggage. NB I’m not a trained professional relief examiner, so I may be wrong in some of my interpretations.

Sennacherib's camp at Lachish

Sennacherib's camp at Lachish

 This is a general view of Sennacherib’s camp at the seige of Lachish. Assyrian seige camps were very substantial affairs with towers and crenellated walls. I think these are the TF you can buy in DBMM I/45. I tried asking the DBMM list but no one replied. So I guess the answer was obvious.

Priests at an incense burner

Priests at an incense burner

As well as the incense burner there is an animal sacrifice on the table/altar.
Cut away views of tents

Cut away views of tents

 This picture shows the interior of a few of the tents. The lower tents are perhaps kitchens, given the clutter and cooking equipment. Alternatively everyone did their own cooking, or the tents were self contained mess and barrack affairs. The one at the top is a great scene of a couple of soldiers enjoying a wine.

Sennacherib and enigmatic tent

Sennacherib viewing booty (no really) from Lachish

Here is Sennacherib and some attendants. Behind him is one of those enigmatic humped tents. The folks at Baueda have been wondering what to do about these for some time!


Soldiers and their baggage carts

This relief is in the Louvre. It’s mentioned also on the Fanaticus website, I think.


Probably a camp.

This is another great relief in the Louvre. To be honest I’m not sure it is a camp, but it does look like one. Is that a dancing girl in the lower register? Curse my blurry photograph!


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