Expensively distracted

After finishing my Byzantines I was planning on finishing off the Airfix Su-27 that has been 80% finished for about 9 months. It’s proving a little troublesome because of the darker blue colour, which really isn’t that dark at all – in fact it is identical in tone to the medium grey.

Early production Su-27s

Early production Su-27s

I tried using the Model Master Flanker Blue/Grey with some white, but the colour is too grey and too dark, so it looks like a repaint is in order. And one of the pitot heads has been taken by the Carpet Monster, I guess I’ll cast a replacement. So this project has been very easy to put off.

Since I have no camps for my DBA Early Hungarian and Nikephorian Byzantine armies I thought I’d better work on their camps. So why then did I spend a fortune today on Green Stuff and sculpting tools for redoing the camps for my chariot era DBA armies?

One response to “Expensively distracted

  1. Know what you mean about putting off projects. I’ve got three witches and a cauldron all painted for months now. They’re just waiting for me to sit down and design a fire for them!

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