Progress and a retrograde step

I finished off my backlog today – pages for the Bedouins, Byzantines, and Hungarians are complete; and I’ve added a post about shield decals.

Unfortunately cat Lydia decided to join in my outdoor photography effort when I was trying to do a group shot of my Byzantines. She jumped up onto the table with them, realizing as soon as she got up there that she wasn’t supposed to be there. So she stopped just on the edge of the table. And then she started falling backwards. She sank her claws into the cloth I was using as a background but that just meant that cloth, cat, and figures ended up on the ground. So I have rebasing and touching up of paintwork to do.


2 responses to “Progress and a retrograde step

  1. Arggh! Horrors! And to think they were ‘on parade’, so to speak, when the damage was done! Bad kitty!

    Not had any bad accident with figures so far—I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. To date, the worst has been the occasional magic wash coat that was too strong.

    • And to think she’s my gravatar! My neighbours may have heard the f word. All fixed again now. Very glad the standard bearer landed the right way up.

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