Back on track

Although the fallen Byzantines looked bad, most of the problem was just that figures had fallen off their bases. One problem with Essex Miniatures is that their bases are often very narrow, so there is not much to glue. One 8Bw element has a little paint chipped off the archers’ arms – it must have hit the ground backwards. It won’t be hard to fix at all. I built two camps for my Early Hungarians and the Byzantines. The Early Hungarians get an 8×4 base with a Baueda yurt and a couple of sacks I made out of ‘green stuff’. The Byzantines got a 7×5 base representing a ditch and bank, made of EfaPlast Light which is great stuff – really easy to use. It really needs a camp inside – a 4×4 base with a tent or somesuch. Baueda have a fairly basic Byzantine tent.


One response to “Back on track

  1. Glad to hear the damage was easily reparable. I had a small mishap last night when I dropped a tray of figures. I was holding by the lip and a iceblock stick glued on to give it slightly more height came loose. The drop was short and there were no casualties.

    Look forward to seeing pictures of the camps!

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