Week 1 of Communal Italians

I had a good run last Sunday painting the 4Cb (Communal crossbowmen), 2Ps (Communal archers), and 7Hd elements (Contadini infantry) for my III/72a Communal Italians. 26 figures in all. I usually don’t paint that many at once but I was inspired by the pictures on this page where no two people are dressed exactly alike. Because I knew I was going to be mixing lots of colours and just painting the legs here and the tunic there, I thought I’d go for it

All of the basic clothing is painted now. I used the Stuttgart Psalter for inspiration on the colours and decoration. Early experimentation showed me that the green with red decorative trim, which was quite common in the Psalter, made the figures look a bit like Santa’s little helpers, so I avoided that.

I’ve got the hair, leather, and weapons to paint, and maybe a little more decoration, then I’ll be on to detailing washes and protective coats.


Communal Italians under construction!

Communal Italians under construction!


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