Plodding along


I’m running a bit behind this week but I’m nearly finished painting the Carroccio and Camp Followers for my Communal Italians. I’ve chosen to represent the Commune of Asti with my army.

Camp followers and the carroccio, awaiting their finishing touches

Camp followers and the carroccio, awaiting their finishing touches

I had a bit of angst about my basing. But after an experiment with the colour I painted the base, and the flock I was using I’m pretty happy now. I tried out mixing sand into Matisse Impasto Medium and then painting and drybrushing it. It gave an interesting result (and I could have chosen the colours more carefully), but it may be more suitable for individual or fantasy figures. I was also worried about how I would drybrush it when the figures were in place. It’s very robust though and I’m tempted to think about this again when I’m onto another ancient army, which are all based as if they are in ‘semi desert’ terrain. Real desert sand doesn’t have a drybrushed look and is a finer grain than the model railway ballast I use. I see that Matisse are selling powders to mix into their media, which may be just the ticket.

Drybrushed base with a flocked base on the right

Drybrushed base with a flocked base on the right

I received some DBA ‘Book 1’ armies I ordered from a Mike Sanderson on the Fanaticus forum. They’re not bad, and you can see that some thought has gone into putting them together. But I’ll probably end up replacing a few of the figures just as a matter of personal taste. The armies I bought were:

Hittites – they were sold as I/18 or I/31 but in my opinion closer to I/18. I was hoping to use them as I/24 or I/31. I don’t like the Old Glory Anatolian infantry that forms the core of the army pack as they are shielded, rather than the unshielded spearmen that 3Sp are meant to represent. So I’ll buy some shieldless spearmen for the 3Sp elements – Magister Militum do good ones, and I/31 is no bother as I already own some Aramaean Ax that would do for the Ax. III/31 is interesting as it has lots of Psiloi, and it will be useful to have for a campaign set in the Levant.

Neo Babylonians – (I/44b but I’ll use them as the ‘a’ list) they should be fun as all those massed archers will make them very prickly against some armies, and vulnerable against others.

Scythians (I/25) – They are an interesting list as they cover quite a wide time period. The command elements are cute but more suitable for the ‘b’ list so I’ll buy a few figures for them. I’m really looking forward to painting that army. The riders with their decorated clothing, and all those dun horses. It will be a lot of work though.

They’ll all be painted next year sometime (maybe!)


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