Just a few packs more

I’ve just ordered 14 packs of figures from Essex Miniatures. I thought I only needed a few (and perhaps that was right) but I ended up with:

For my Neo-Hittite army, a pack of ‘guard’ javelinmen (who will also be spearmen), a heavy chariot, and Aramaean slingers.

For my Neo Babylonian army, two packs of cavalry (of two sorts for guard and militia).

For my Later Hebrew army, two Philistine light chariots that I will put Assyrian armoured archers in, as Hebrew armour looked like Assyrian armour.

For my Phoenician army, a pack of Hittite cavalry and two Egyptian four horse chariots. I’ll need to modify the horses with ‘apron’ armour made out of green stuff, and side pendants made out of Assyrian standards.

And a pack each of assorted archers and slingers.

2 responses to “Just a few packs more

    • Many of these will be quite fast to paint, luckily. Unbleached natural cloth or wool with coloured decorative borders. But yes it’s easier to buy them than it is to paint them!

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