Dissimilar combat

I played two games at the Fairfield Bowling Club (Wargames section!) on Friday.

Both were my Communal Italians vs Alex’s Post Mongol Samurai (IV/59b) – Bd and Wb (Monks!) with two Cv and an Sp.

I left my crossbowmen in the box and gave my spearmen psiloi support to make them tougher against those monks.

In the first game I was the attacker and stupidly chose to walk around a steep hill instead of going over it. My Kn were isolated on one flank and my General had the door shut on him and was killed.

In the second game I was the defender. In the turn before hand to hand combat my War Wagon shot one of Alex’s monk elements (6-1). After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing I destroyed two more elements. Alex’s left flank was Bd, Cv(Gen), Sp, Cv. I had Hd, Hd, Kn(Gen) and Kn. One of my Hd recoiled his Bd, the other ‘stuck’ against his General, but my General killed the Sp and my Kn killed the Cv. I lost an Sp to a Wb quick kill somewhere in that fighting. In the next turn my General ‘closed the door’ on his, and his General was killed by a Horde!

Alex had a very nice army though, Old Glory figures painted by Neldoreth.


8 responses to “Dissimilar combat

  1. Sounds like fun. Great to see those Hd earn their place in the army!

    I reckon Ps are best in front of Sp against Wb (not on a great deal of empirical evidence, mind). Wb really don’t like them, and even with support the Sp feel awfully exposed against them.

  2. When you described the composition of the Samurai I was thinking “I used to have a….” Excellent stuff! It gives me great pleasure to hear about the exploits of thos Samurai, and I am glad Alex is pushing them around!

    Great reports!

  3. Killing wise, supported spear and unsupported warband are even stevens – if one rolls 3 more than the other then it kills it. And the spear have a much greater chance of recoiling the warband (at 5 vs 3). But I’ll give the Ps in front idea a go. It would be easier (and more necessary) to do that with the Papal Italians, my army after next, as they have 3x4Sp and 3x3Ps. I was also lucky that I was facing only a single layer of monks.

  4. Good point about unsupported Wb. However, against Ps Wb don’t get support and the Ps are pretty well invulnerable, unless flanked.

    • Yes, and then in theory you can run over the disrupted Wb with formed up Sp. I need a bit of practice with the ‘staying formed up’ part.

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  6. Your comment about combat factors inspired me to look at the odds more closely and I’ve made a table of the odds that I’ve posted on my blog. Unsupported Wb against supported Sp are like Kn, and the odds are definitely against them, but against supported Wb the use of Ps, if you’ve got them, is safer.

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