Painting progress

The seven elements I have been painting in order to morph my Nikephorian Byzantine army into a Konstantinian Byzantine one are very nearly finished. I am pleased with the shield decals I made for them. I think the lesson is that if you’re going to make shield decals, use a complex design that you wouldn’t want to hand-paint.


The Konstantinian part of my Konstantinian Byzantines

Rather un-patriotically I spent the Melbourne Cup long weekend painting the 37 foot figures for a Papal Italian army rather than watching horse races. I’m still working on the shields, and the hot weather is slowing me down a bit, but I hope to have them finished in a week.

Papal foot

Just a week's work left on these.



4 responses to “Painting progress

  1. Well done. Those shield decals look great, especially the feather ones. Some of these figures will go towards a Komnenan army as well, won’t they (the LH and those Kn, for instance).

  2. Yes only five mounted and three foot elements more and I’ll have a Komnenan Byzantine army done. I’ll get onto that once my Papal Italians are done.

    I haven’t seen the feather/claw motif in the original MS. In Armies of the Dark Ages, Ian Heath says it is from the Scylitzes ms but the shields I have seen in extracts from that online are much more plain.

  3. Gee, that’s more than I’d have thought. So you’ll be using different command and kavallarioi elements for the Komnenans? Or are you talking about having all the options finished?

    • Yes the Kavallarioi need to be all lancers by the Komnenan list, and I’ll replace the Byzantine LH with a Turcopole or Pechneg one. The foot will be Bw and a 3Ax.

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