The Italo-Samurai War continues

I had another two DBA games at the FBC on Friday, my Communal Italians against Alex’s Post Mongol Samurai.

In the first game the Italians were the attackers. Unfortunately I took that a little too literally and ended up with my spearmen quite close to a steep hill covered in warband. My knights became separated and one was caught and destroyed. I tried to move my psiloi in to protect the spearmen but they didn’t have enough room to maneuver. The warband then destroyed two spear and a supporting psiloi. Oh dear.

In the second game I was the defender. I chose to use my crossbowmen for the first time, and I deployed them with the carroccio. I realised after deployment that my horde, that were deployed behind my right flank, were out of command distance from the general – one of the perils of a 30 inch board! Alex’s cavalry moved forward and attacked my Wwg and Cb group. Meanwhile my Kn moved all the way around the front of the army. Alex spent a PIP each turn rolling his Bd, whose flank my Kn were threatening, sideways. Although one of the Cb was destroyed, the Wwg, supported by the other, had some very lucky dice and destroyed Alex’s general and his other cavalry element. But his warband were threatening my spearmen. My knights began to race back to take on the warband, but luckily their trip was not necessary. Thanks to more lucky dice my Sp destroyed two Wb, and that was that.

In the second game I had about half a plan, which helped considerably.

2 responses to “The Italo-Samurai War continues

  1. Interesting; I can imagine that his Wb would be more than a little nervous of your Kn. Did it stay on that hill most of the time?

  2. Yes I didn’t need to go anywhere near them in the first battle. “Never do what your enemy wants you to do.”

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