Matt varnish cum paint stripper

I found in my previous work with the Matisse Polymer Matt Varnish that I’d been thinning it down a little too much, so it took a couple of tries to reliably give figures an overall matt finish. I also used to give shields a coat of clear gloss when I was applying the washes.

Thinking that the clear coat was a little unnecessary, as the varnish dries to quite a tough finish, and wanting to get the figures varnished in one coat, I tried a thicker mix of varnish. This was the result.

The effect of matt varnish on ink

The ink lines that you see have now turned to a fuzzy blur were applied about three days before the varnish was put on, so they should have been well and truely cured.

Next time I will give the figures an overall coat of gloss the day after I give them their washes, to see if that works. It will delay my gratification but so does repainting the shields.

The good news, by the way, is that the matt varnish does seem to have worked fairly well this time.

2 responses to “Matt varnish cum paint stripper

  1. Eurgh! I found the same problem with my thinned matt varnish—it was gloss! I’ve also had that problem with ink, but not after three days.

    What make of figures are they?

  2. Those are Old Glory figures.

    It doesn’t show up well/at all in the photo but some of the painted red shield rims of the armoured spearmen ran over the white. It’s obviously something I need more practice with!

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