Small mercies

 I was gratified to find last night that I had accidentally painted one too many elements of Slavic auxillia for my Early Hungarian army. So the Manichaean 3Ax for my Komnenan Byzantines is already painted. I guess I just have to choose the Hungarian Ax that looks the most prone to banditry. 10 mounted and 8 foot figures left to paint for the Komnenans then.


Troops from my Nikephorian and Konstantian armies - soon to be Komnenans


It’s just as well really as progress has been very slow on the completion of my Papal Italians. I managed to get all the horses done for the knights, and I’ve made a start on the knights themselves, but I’m still tidying up the standard and fixing the shields of the figures that suffered from runny ink.


I notice, by the way, that the cavalry I painted for the Konstantinian Byzantines is looking a little pale. I wonder if the matt varnish washed away the washes?



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