On Track for 2014

Other bloggers horrify themselves by working out how many unpainted figures they have. I managed to horrify myself by working out how long it would take me to paint the DBA armies I have. I managed 4 armies and 1 set of figures to ‘morph’ an army into another last year. Not counting the three armies and two morphs I would like to paint this year, I have 13 full armies to paint, and 7 ‘morph’ sets. So that would take me through to the end of 2014 – some time around my 49th birthday.Mark (of Hesperiana) selected some good warband figures for me from Feudal castings. I’m painting them at the moment as a side project. They will eventually form the basis for Norse Irish, Welsh, and Pre-Feudal Scots armies which aren’t included in the numbers above. 

Komnenan Cv and Bw, and warband, ready for their washes

 From the ‘Book I’ lists, this year I would like to paint I/27 and 34 (Hebrews), and I/31 (Hittites). The I/27 figures would be a morph of the I/34 ones, so they might look a bit anachronistic. But they should be fairly quick to paint and will give me enough ‘Chariot Wars’ armies to run a campaign. The other armies for this year are IV/1 (Komnenan Byzantine), which I am working on at the moment, III/52 (Eastern Franks), which I need to paint eight elements for, and IV/5 (Sicilian) which would mean that I have enough armies for an early medieval Italy campaign. 

All in all I think my DBA painting plans for the year are fairly realistic, given the other priorities for this year: a house to move into and a garden to plant.Sometime this year I would also like to get some more DBA playing done. I have three armies that have not even seen combat yet. 

And then there’s games besides DBA that I’d like to get around to. 


3 responses to “On Track for 2014

  1. Getting set up for two campaigns is a good way to prioritize your painting, I reckon. I’d be keen to see how the Sicilians fare against the Komnenans when they’re done.

    • Yes. Human nature when there are too many things to choose from is to choose none – if you choose to paint one thing out of many then you are choosing not to paint all those other fun things. So you have to create false ‘needs’ to do things – to trick yourself. The Sicilians should be ready in April or May.

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