At last a DBA game

I’m nearly done on my Komnenan Byzantines. All I have to do on the final six light horse figures is the detailing washes and basing. But progress is rather slow. All I managed to get done last night was to change the water that I wash my brushes in, and give the cup a bit of a clean! These are Outpost Wargames Services figures, which paint up nicely despite having a few issues with either undersized riders or oversized horses.

Komnenan LH nearly finished

I had three games of DBA at the Fairfield Bowling club last Friday, my Konstantinian Byzantines against Alex using my Early Hungarians.

In the first game Alex used a Built Up Area – a very nice Norman keep. Unfortunately thanks to a lucky selection of a board edge, it was deep in my territory, and so my artillery and archers had an easy time of destroyed the Slavic 3Ax who were guarding it, and then my Byzantine Marines took the castle off its denizens. I think we counted overlap in that melee combat, which we shouldn’t have done but I think there was sufficient margin anyway for me to have won. I was being a little inefficient anyway, as my shooting would have stood a much better chance of winning.

The other two games were more conventional, with Alex and I winning one game each.

I re-read the PIP rules after reading of Mark’s elephant troughing out on his PIPs, and realised I should have been taking 2 PIPs to move my artillery, which I had changed positions a few times in the games. But in a few cases I actually had a surfeit of PIPs, so perhaps it wouldn’t have made a difference after all. I had fun with my new army, and Alex seemed to enjoy roaming all over the battlefield with the Hungarian LH, so that’s the main thing anyway.

Besides learning some of the rules a bit better, I’ve also realised that my ancient BUA is rather large, so it wouldn’t be very sporting to play it. It’s only about 10cm square, but the ZOC makes it 18cm square – 30% of the width and depth of the 2′ board.


3 responses to “At last a DBA game

  1. Well done with changing the water. I think I left mine for a few weeks over Christmas, just to let me feel I’d not totally abandoned painting!

    BUA often look great, but they don’t play too well. Artillery are pretty good against them (and in them, for that matter!).

    • I think BUAs have picked up a little too much bad press. They can also be a two edged sword, when they end up on the wrong side of the table. However, as they are not compulsory no one is now forced to use them. When they are they add something different. Though I can see their size could be an issue.

      Of course having just modelled one On a small hill with trees, buildings and even a road perhaps I’m a little biased…

      • Yes I think the attraction of BUAs is only skin deep at the moment, but there are some great ones out there.
        I can imagine a change so that BUAs are rough terrain and you get a bonus if you are on the wall and your attacker is not, a simplified version of DBMM’s rules.

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