Komnenans Completed

I’ve finished painting the extra figures I need to complete a DBA Komnenan Byzantine army. It’s something of a milestone as it is the last Byzantine army I will be painting. Last year I painted Nikephorian Byzantines and a few more figures to make a Konstantinian one so this covers the whole of the 11th century and then some.

Recently painted figures to complete my Komnenans

I’m working on the Eastern Franks (list III/52) now. I saw this very nice looking book full of pictures of reenactors of the Battle of Hastings, so I thought it would be a great inspiration for the Northern European 11th Century armies I have yet to paint. While I wait for it to arrive from Amazon I’m working on a dozen horses, and shield decals.

Nice looking book from Histoire et Collections

5 responses to “Komnenans Completed

  1. Great looking army! I love the shields for the Kavallarioi, and the horses look excellent. Well done!

  2. Thanks,
    The later batch of shield decals turned out nicely when I decided to go for quite contrast-y designs.
    I’m still experimenting with horse colours but it seems that Tamiya Red Brown for the Bays and Gunze Mud plus a bit of orange for Sorrel horses works pretty well. I should get a fair bit more practice done when I paint my Eastern Franks (21 horses).

  3. I’m impressed with the effort you put into your horses. I aim to get mine so they don’t look too weird and don’t look the same. Beyond that I mostly want to get them done!

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