Another army page done

The last step in painting any of my armies is to write a page about it.

I’ve had one written about my Papal Italians for a while, but they have two shields that need redoing as they suffered from matt varnish meltdown and then hamfisted repair work by yours truly, so they can wait for the time being.

Instead, my recently painted Komnenan Byzantine army is now documented.

My painting has suffered recently as the usually hot but dry summer in Melbourne has turned hot an humid. Ingestion of beer seems to be the only cure.


2 responses to “Another army page done

    • Welll… I might be able to use some of my Nikephorians as Thematic and I’ve got some figures left over, quite a few really, that I could paint up – Tin Soldier spearmen with oval skuta, and kavallarioi with half armoured horses. But I was hoping to use them all as Men of Gondor! Thematic Byzantine with an attractive tree motif on their shields!?

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