Starting to think about making progress again

Well it’s been a long time between drinks, blog wise, but in the meantime I’ve done lots of unpacking and digging in the garden.

I’ve managed to finish 4 x 3Kn that I’ve been painting for my Eastern Frank (III/52) army, and I’ve made a good start on the dismounted knights, an extra spear element, and a Baueda ‘Gothic’ tent for their camp.

Frankish knights nearly finished, and the next batch

In front of the telly the other night I went through my DBA terrain box. My rivers and waterway had stray flock stuck to the Derivan Matisse Gel Medium that looks very attractive but has never dried properly after two years. I’ll try to varnish them to see if that helps. Some of the trees are looking a bit scruffy, but that’s easy to fix.

The good news is that I can now make all of the terrain pieces that have been holding off making until we got into this house. First off will be hills for my ‘chariot wars’ armies to fight over. I’ve followed fashion by basing those armies on semi-desert bases, so my European grassy hills will just not do. I’ll also make up some little markers for rough terrain and marsh. I’ve been using vinyl flooring for the ‘base’ for my terrain. It works pretty well but some of my woods-markers have got a bit squashed and warped in the box. Hopefully they will flatten out over time. I might look into buying some 2mm MDF to use now. A new storage box would be a good idea too.

 There have been some interesting programmes on the History Channel recently. 1066 – the battle for Middle Earth has lots of reenactors wandering around saying ‘aargh’, and many of the Saxons have very old fashioned helmets, but it manages to be quite fun. Bible Battles was pretty cheesy, but it did have an interesting statistic that overarm spear thrusts have a good deal more power behind them than underarm ones do (figure manufacturers take note). I’ve also got a program about the Normans recorded but I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.

I’ve booked in for a game of Wings of War tomorrow night at the Monday Knights (yes I know it’s Friday) club. Next Friday there’s a game using the Perfect Captain’s ECW rules on at the Knights of the Square Table. I am suffering from DBA withdrawal, though so I will try to raise some interest.


3 responses to “Starting to think about making progress again

  1. The Eastern Franks are looking good. What manufacturer are they?

    I look forward to seeing the terrain; it’s an area that I’ve yet to get far on.

  2. Thanks. They are all Old Glory, except for the axe wielding dismounted knight, who is from Museum Miniatures. The mounted figures are a mixture of Normans and Ottonians, and the ‘dismounts’ are a mixture of command elements, armoured Norman spearmen, and Swabians.
    It would be nice to one day see a Swabian holding either something other than a sword, or holding his sword one handed. Knights were rich enough to be able to afford spare weapons to use when they were fighting dismounted. The (Anglo) Normans developed a penchant for axes – they must have left an impression at Hastings, if you’ll pardon the pun.

  3. They look good. I agree about the Swabians. I’ve struggled to find dismounted knights of that period. I quite like the Essex ones, except they’re a bit dynamic, making them hard to fit on the base—keeping hands inside the bus is definitely not an option with them!

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