Flying Machines

The other Friday I played a demo game of Wings of War at the Monday Knights’ venue in Auburn. It’s a really fun game. It relies on an ingenious system of cards that interact with the aircraft base (or its card if you’re not playing miniatures).

The first part of a manuever - align the base of the arrow on the card with the mark on the stand.

Completing the sideslip - move your stand so the arrow overlaps that on the card.

I managed to not be last, due to a successful scouting mission, but I did provide the organiser with his sole victory point of the evening. The two fairly minor problems with the game are the number of times that more than one aircraft try to occupy the same space, which turns the game into something more like Jenga; and having to hunt through a deck of 22 cards to find the maneuver you want to do can slow things down. The miniatures are pre painted, and only about $15 each, which is pretty good.

Flight Lieutenant AB Ellwood's Camel

That weekend I took the family down to the Tyabb Airshow. It was a very low key affair, but it was good not having to deal with a large crowd, and being able to find a spot near the flightline but still under the shade of a hanger.

A CAC Boomerang dives inverted at Tyabb

2 responses to “Flying Machines

  1. Cool stuff! I didn’t realize that was how WoW worked with the cards… In any case, the picture of the real aircraft is quite surreal… There is no surrounding context, so it could be a picture of any airplane looking object, be it a real one or a model or a WoW miniature!

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt that it’s a real airplane in the picture, I just wanted to mention how cool it looks out of context like that! Good stuff!


  2. Yes the designers of WoW must have had lots of fun.

    I’m just pleased the Boomerang photo was nearly in focus! It’s a shame it got a bit dark towards the end of the day but the haze does make a good backdrop!

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