Franks nearly finished

I have managed to find the time over the past few weeks to paint 2x3Kn and a 3Cv to finish my DBA III/52 Eastern Franks… although I haven’t done the 2x7Hd or the 12x3Kn options yet.

Last batch of Eastern Franks awaiting their matt varnish and basing

I should have them fully finished by Wednesday.

I’m fairly pleased with the ‘gold woven’ gonfanon. The cloth of gold background is a mixture of gold and a sand colour. That’s thanks to guidance from people on the Fanaticus Forum and TMP.

I also managed to clean up and undercoat the non-Norman elements for a DBA IV/5 Sicilian army today.


2 responses to “Franks nearly finished

    • I’ve bought a few Privateer Press Paints lately as they do some useful colours. Their Bloodstone mixed in with Tamiya Red Brown makes a pretty good bay horse colour.

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