I had two games of DBA at the Nunawading Wargames Association on Friday using my Philistine and Libyan Egyptian Armies. Michael, who I was playing, was not quite a novice at DBA but a little less experienced than me.

In the first game I used the Libyan Egyptians. I lost an LCh (to an unsupported 3Ax of all things!) but then my Meshwesh and Libu Wb managed to QK four Philistine Sp, for the loss of one of their own. Michael pointed out that that Wb gave its life unnecessarily as it could have closed the door while my Egyptian Close Fighters (4bd) did the fighting.

In the second game I used the Philistines. I lost a 3Ax due to being overly keen with my chariotry and not giving the Ax recoil room. After a slow fight my remaining Ax destroyed 2 Nubian Ps, and my chariotry rode down the Egyptian 4Bw, but then I lost my general to some combination of Michael’s Egyptian Close fighters with Psiloi support and the Egyptian general. Because Michael had lost more elements I was still in the game. Michael couldn’t cut a break with destroying another two elements. Eventually after a see-saw battle that lasted a number of rounds he caught and destroyed my remaining LCh. I had stopped spending PIPs on that part of the battle, as I realised it wasn’t going anywhere, and used them to bring my block of supported Sp down from the hill they were on to attack Michael’s Wb. Supported Sp are 5 to single ranked Wb’s 3, and I think there were overlaps too, so you don’t have to be that lucky to double them (and besides it was getting late and I was sure I was going to lose), and I managed to get two of them, which was all it took.

Michael owns a Marian Roman army so I might look to building a ‘Book 2’ army to face them. Armies from books 2 & 4 seem to be the more popular ones.

Friday was ‘bring and buy’ sale night at the Nunawading club too.I ‘bought’ rather than ‘brought’…

  • Three Purnell’s History of the Second World War ‘Specials’ (Battle of Britain, German Tanks, and the Pacific War)
  • Quite a number of Airfix ‘Type 1’ German Infantry and Afrika Korps, including the remains of one of those anti tank guns.
  • The Esci WWII US Infantry set
  • Ten 6mm modern AFVs to go with my 1980’s NATO force.
  • Five 1/76 resin AFVs from the gentlemen at Sparrow Castings
  • A pack of second hand but unpainted Ral Partha D&D figures (a Dwarf an Elf and a Human) and a pack of four 25mm scale wolves, to be used in Song of Blades and Heros gaming. The D&D figures are a little cheesy, all waving their weapons in the air, with severed heads in their off hands, but I have a Snarf figure in much the same pose. Somewhere in a box I have a thief and a wizard too.

Three new purchases and Snarf.

So all good fun but somewhat unfocused purchases. I’ve still got plenty of room under the stairs!


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