Little Wars 2010

On Sunday I went to Little Wars 2010 at the League of Ancients venue, Club Tivoli.

I played Might and Reason which is a set of 18th century wargames rules from the writer of Grand Armee. Although I confess I don’t know much about the Seven Years War, I wanted to play a ‘serious’ wargame instead of pirates or whatever.

I played the Prussian side, with some high level advice from a regular player, against Andrew, Tyler, and the organiser, Steve, playing the Austrians. It was a simple game to understand. Each turn, which consists of a random number of ‘impulses’ (each a turn in itself), the commander receives a number of points he can use to influence die rolls by rerolling or adding dice – so one may choose the best two of three dice for example. There wasn’t a great deal of strategy in my playing, especially after a big lunch washed down by a litre of Erdinger Weissbrau! My finest moment was rolling 6,6,6,6,6 and 5 on six dice one musketry phase, wiping out an Austrian unit. But my Prussians were dying faster than they should have been, although they took a satisfying number of Austrians with them. I enjoyed the game overall, the 18mm figures were beautiful, and the terrain looked very good. I will try to have another game when I can – the good thing is there are plenty of people willing to lend armies for the day so there is no painting or expense required!

Pilfered from the LW2010 Facebook page - me straining to reach my Grenadiers

Another pilfered photo - Higher resolution shot of the game - my forces on the right

I also once again supported the bring and buy sale by buying. Although I have no real intention of playing the game I picked up half a dozen sourcebooks for Flames of War for $15. Such a bargain as they are filled with useful details. I also bought an SdKfz 250/9 (Neue Arte) from Sparrow Castings, and from Olympian Games I bought a pack of the very pointy but attractive Xyston spears, and a Baueda Greek Tent and Bronze Age stable. I didn’t think much of the tent until I saw a painted up one on Hesperiana and realised how handy they were. It will also make a good camp for my Lydians, which arrived from Magister Militum this week. The Baueda stable is within my scratchbuilding capabilities but it looks good, saves me time, and serves as a guide for sizing etc if I did want to make my own.

5 responses to “Little Wars 2010

  1. The stable sounds interesting. I’m a big fan of interesting camp stuff now. Would it fit with a Hercules to clean it out?

  2. Unfortunately the stable door is resolutely closed, and I don’t know if you’d find any ‘Hercules with shovel’ figures – but there’s always ‘green stuff’ I suppose!

    • That would be good – I was thinking that you should try to lure the FBC crowd into a game but would there be enough time in an evening?

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