I had two games of DBA at the Nunawading club on Friday. My “New Kingdom Egyptians” against Matt’s newly acquired Magister Militum Sea Peoples.

The first game I played against Matt. The Sea Peoples were the aggressors (no surprise as they have Ag.4) I set up a relatively open board with a marsh quite near the compulsary waterway. Matt chose to have the waterway on his left. I set up with 3x4Bd on the right, my 3x4Bw in the marsh in the centre, and my 4xLCh in one group on the left with the solitary 3Wb. Matt went with a wall of 8 psiloi-supported blade with his LCh general in the centre. The presence of my libu warband element obviously affected my thinking as I charged across the table. My 4Bw, at 4-1, failed in their assasination attempt on Matt’s general and then they were caught in close combat on Matt’s next round. Although the lines were in a bit of a mess after one round of combat I had managed to make a 2Ps element on Matt’s extreme left flee. But I only rolled two PIPs in my next round, and I felt I had to use one of them to withdraw my general, who had been abandoned by his recoiling troops. Matt’s 3Bd finished the job next turn and he won 4 nil.

In the second game, against Julian, I left the terrain unchanged but Julian failed in his choice of board edge and ended up with the waterway at his rear and a marsh on one flank. I decided to split my chariotry into two groups on each flank, so that they would have more chance of being able to find their way around the flanks. I put my blades in the centre and my bows on the left. Julian deployed with his psiloi in one group ready to race into the marsh, which they duly did on the first turn. I sent my 4Bws off toward the marsh, tried to feed one LcH around the marsh on my extreme flank, and the other in to cover the flank of my Bd. Bold Sea Peoples 2Ps caught my flank LCh too close to the marsh and doubled it. But that bought them into range of my 4Bw and they were destroyed. My 4Bw continued through the marsh and destroyed at least one of the two remaining 2Ps. Julian was never blessed with an abundance of PIPs so once again the main bodies fought at the Sea People’s side of the board. This time I was more lucky with the combat and I had the PIPs I needed to take advantage of opportunities, so I was able to score enough wins against Julian’s 3Bd to bring the result to 4-1 to me.

Well I suffered from a bit of a rush of blood to the head in the first game. If I’d skulked around in the marsh with my 4Bw, the 2Ps and the 3Wb, the Sea Peoples would have had a few more issues. In both games, mindful of their quick kill, I kept my 3Wb as sort of ‘slow chariot runners’. I think they are better off being used in rough terrain, or either brigaded with the Bd or guarding the Bw as on their own they have more of a chance being doubled than they do of beating Bd.


What do you think?

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