Early Medieval German morph nearly finished

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on the additional figures needed to ‘morph’ my East Franks into DBA list IV/13a Early Medieval Germans. They’ve turned out rather nicely – Museum Miniatures spearmen converted to pikemen, along with some High Medieval pikemen that Essex Miniatures rather optimistically included in their East Frank DBA army pack; Old Glory Swabians, Norman spearmen, and a Museum axeman as more dismounted knights; and Feudal Castings Saxons as the Free Canton 3Ax elements.

Early medieval Germans, camp, and religious contingent

Last week I had a bit of spare time as I was onto the two 3Ax elements, so I painted a couple of camp followers lounging around a fire, made from drybrushed sand in impasto medium with wire logs, and a few Museum nuns and monks. The nuns and monks will be a cleric element for Hordes of the Things, or a religious contingent to bolster the morale of christian armies in Glutter of Ravens.


What do you think?

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