Friday night massacre

Last Friday I went around to a Michael-from-the-Nunawading-Wargames-Association’s place last night to try out his temporary gaming room.

We had two DBA games using my Philistines and Neo Assyrians.

In the first game, using my Assyrians, Michael didn’t lose a combat, defeating me 7-0! I lost a light chariot element in one round of combat and then his heavy chariots got into my supported spear, killing four of them and their psiloi supports in a single round in an awe inspiring ripple of death. Even the first combat of that round (Michael 2 vs Me 5) didn’t go my way. I had been planning to photograph each turn in order to produce a detailed battle report but my wife’s camera battery died just after I’d photographed at setup – as if to draw a veil over proceedings.

The situation at setup of the first game - my Philistines in the foreground

In the second game I used the Assyrians. Their heavy chariots once again charged into the Philistine spearmen. This time the only victorious Assyrian element (giving me my only kill of the evening) was my general. The others were recoiled and I must have even lost one. At that point we realised that the deeper bases of chariot elements meant that when they recoil they no longer hold the enemy they were facing in ZOC. Michael pivoted a spear element around to close the door on my general, and put in an attack with some auxilia with plenty of overlap. Game over!

Apparently I was quite unlucky in the first game, whilst the second one showed nature’s balance restored by the HCh losing. But the temporary wargames area was a great little space, it’s good to get out, the people were friendly, and I won two games the other week – so no one’s complaining.


3 responses to “Friday night massacre

  1. Good to see the Assyrians in action. Just been to the British Museum, and I reckon their Assyrian display is one of its most impressive parts.

    • Yes it’s a great space that one. It’s probably because of those displays that I have a Neo Assyrian army. The one at the Louvre is good too… its only a few hours away by train!

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