Gran muniment

My wife and I went shopping for various bits and bobs to finish off our house yesterday. We dropped in for a ‘garage sale’ at designloop. There was lots of groovy stuff but nothing we needed, but as we headed off to lunch, on a table with lots of other odds and ends, there was this objet…

How's the serenity?

$1 later I was the proud owner of what was perhaps an aquarium ornament. Perfect for a Hordes of the Things stronghold, although it may need a lick of paint to make it look more like Carn Dûm!


2 responses to “Gran muniment

  1. Hey, that’s a great find. Of course, you could leave it the colours it is and go looking for the army to suit it–fairies, I suspect!

  2. I’m reading Gene Wolfe’s The Wizard at the moment and the Aelf in that book are somewhat underdressed… Hasslefree are having a sale, and there’s always Shadowforge, but researching colour schemes for those miniatures might prove problematical!

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