Lydian progress

I finished the painting of the infantry for my DBA Lydian army today. The basing and shield decals will take another few evenings, and then they’ll be matt varnished next weekend some time. The’ve turned out rather nicely. Touch wood that the matt varnish doesn’t destroy the paint on those nice breastplates – I have given them all a coat of acrylic varnish but the matt really doesn’t like metallics.

Lydian infantry await their finishing touches - I've come up with a base for them too

I painted the optional Ax with a more Thracian look to their clothing (fewer stripes and no checks), being as they’re Thracian figures and all. Their colour scheme will allow them to blend in with the rest of the army if need be, but what I did leaves some latitude for using them as the basis for a Thracian army. I’ll use Xyston figures to finish that off, next year I think. Book 2 armies seem to be pretty popular at the Nunawading Wargames Association (although DBA in general has fallen out of fashion).

The Magister Militum DBA army pack includes six Babylonian archers to use as Lydian skirmishers. I’m sure there are more suitable figures out there though so these will be replaced when I’m painting my Babylonian army (whenever that will be), and these figures will be rebased as 2x3Bw.


One response to “Lydian progress

  1. These are looking very nice. Lydians did pretty well at the CWC competition last week. And they’re one more for your impressive collection of Book I armies!

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