New army page

Weather and other priorities relented enough for me to take the  photos for my army page on my DBA Medieval Germans over the weekend.

Also tonight I’ve completed step one in flocking my remaining Lydian elements – dabbing on random splotches of a 50/50 mix of PVA and water and dunking the bases into a container of flock. Step two will be to put diluted matt varnish onto the flock tomorrow night to hold it down.


2 responses to “New army page

  1. Looking forward to seeing those Lydians finished, and hearing how they go. What sort of flock are you using now?

  2. I use a blend of two colours of Heki model railway flock and some Games Workshop flock. I liked the look of the GW flock so I went into my local GW shop (I must have increased the average age of those in the shop by a fair bit!). At first they were mystified at what I was after but then one of the assistants said “ahhh… you mean the *old school* flock!”. Apparently it’s out of production but they had a few left over bags. I got one for free – should have taken the lot! I experimented with static grass but it wouldn’t be right for this army. I have some nice colours though and I hope to use them soon.

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