Firefly Progress – Week 1

I made a start on my Fairey Firefly FR.I the other day. Not exactly a flying start.

The kit is an Eastern European one (from Novo I think) using the old Frog mould. I bought the Airwaves etched brass set (designed for the Airfix Mk V) to dress it up a bit. The Airfix kit must be a lot slimmer than the Frog one as the decking for the observer’s cockpit is way too slim, but the seats etc will still be useful. On autopilot I did what was the standard first step with etched brass by trying to anneal it. Airwaves must varnish their etched brass now as it burst into flames when I held it over the gas, which was disconcerting. I won’t try that again. The brass is pretty thin anyway so maybe that step isn’t the done thing any more. The brass has cleaned up OK though.

A test-fit of the cockpit region - a fair bit of work to do

The only other progress I’ve made was to spend some time this week looking at the kit and deciding what needed to be done, mostly based on pictures in reviews of the much nicer kits you can get these days!


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