Lydia’s First Battle

Michael visited last night for two games of DBA. I used my newly painted Lydians and Michael used my Neo Assyrians. Unsurprisingly (the Lydian army’s aggression is 1 as opposed to the Assyrians’ 4) I was the defender in both games.  

In the first game Michael successfully rolled for his choice of base edge, so he was attacking from an open area, while my deployment area had a wood on one flank and a steep hill on the other. I chose the knight general and 3 Sp and an Ax for infantry.  

Situation at setup - Lydians on the right

 The Assyrians roll 3 PIPs for turn 1. They advance, pushing an element of Aramaean levy archers out into no man’s land. The Lydians reply with 1 stinking PIP. They move their Phrygian Ax into the wood to deny it to the Assyrians.  

End of Turn 1, Phrygians threaten to ZOC Aramaeans

 In the second turn, the Assyrians roll a slightly more respectable 4 PIPs, continuing their advance. The Lydians roll 2 PIPs. Their main body moves forward, while their Phrygian Ax engages the Aramaean Ps. They lose the fight (8 vs 6 – a recoil) and run into the advancing Lydian Sp. This should have been a push-back but I screwed up and took it as a ‘destroyed’ result.  

Turn 2 - Rumours of the Phrygians' death are greatly exaggerated

 The Assyrians continue their advance while the Lydians begin redeploying their skirmishers.  

Turn 4 - battle lines about to clash

 The main bodies of the two armies meet on Turn 5. The battle initially goes the Lydians’ way, with a supported Sp recoiling an Assyrian HCh. Michael wisely chooses to switch to the other flank for his next die roll, doubling an overlapped Kn with a supported Ax, then recoiling the other two Kn,  and quick killing two Sp and their Ps support. Game over.  

Defeat for the Lydians

 I may have been in a much more favourable position if my Ax had stayed alive, as I doubt that would have been overlapped in the main combat. But since I only won one combat I wonder if that would have been enough, as perhaps the Ax would have died in a subsequent turn.


What do you think?

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