Round 2 of Lydians vs Assyrians

My defeat the other Friday meant that Michael and I had plenty of time for a second game of DBA. That’s another good thing about the game – you can often get two games played in an evening.

Once again I used my Lydians and Michael used my Assyrians, having become rather fond of them. Predictably I was the defender again, and at Michael’s suggestion I put down a bit more terrain this time – two woods and two steep hills in a roughly symmetrical layout. I decided to field all four spear as my close fighting infantry contingent. I found I had just enough room to deploy in front of the rough terrain at my end of the table which was nice. Having seen Michael’s setup I switched two light horse onto my more open flank, exchanging these with two 3Kn. Looking at the photo I failed to notice that Michael had deployed many of his troops in the rough – that should have made his first turns truly awful as he would have been unable to use group moves.

Setup - I failed to pick up on the Assyrians being in the rough,

Michael wasn’t starved for PIPs though, in his first two turns he rolled a four each time, so he could have formed a battle line, just closer to his board edge. What happened instead was that the two sides approached each other fairly steadily. I noticed that the two battle lines were a little off centre, so I sent my two 2LH and a 2Ps out onto my right flank as a screen, to hopefully ZOC Michael while my heavy troops got to work. The screen was pretty flimsy but it worked.

Just before the battle lines met - note my flimsy screen on my right

In turn 5 Michael kept coming forward, meaning that the horde on his left flank was pulled out of line by my light horse. They pounced in my turn, with the other LH coming up to support them. This proved unnecessary as I beat the horde with a decisive 6-1. Michael kept on coming in what proved to be a charge to disaster. The Dice God finally decided that I had to get lucky once in a while and allowed two of my spearmen to double two of Michael’s auxillia. In my next turn one of my knights quick killed the horde on Michael’s left flank. Looking at the photos Michael also lost a 2Ps, but I see none of my elements near where it was, so there must have been some mistake there.

Defeat for the Assyrians

It was a pretty lucky win doubling two auxillia like that but my knights could have been a fair bit more enterprising, or on the other hand Michael’s cavalry could have wrought havoc too. I’m pretty happy with the way the Lydians work and the Assyrians make an interesting opponent. It’s obvious that I need to pay more attention to whether the rules are being followed though because I should know better by now.

What do you think?

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