One night, three games

After a long hiatus I managed to get along to the Fairfield Bowling Club on Friday. I was expecting to be playing DBA against a Sea Peoples army so I brought my New Kingdom Egyptians, but my opponent was unable to make it. Luckily I hadn’t bothered to remove my Lydians from my transport box, so we were able to play Lydians against New Kingdom Egyptians. 

In the first game I defended against Greg. I set up with all of my mounted troops on one wing, which Greg countered by deploying his archers on his extreme right. 

Setup for my game against Greg. Lydians in the foreground.

I chose to field 3x4Sp and a 3Ax, trying to hold the Egyptian close fighters and maybe get around their flank while the mounted attacked the Egyptian chariotry. I didn’t really have a plan for the Egyptian bows, which was a bit of a shame as they came after the 2LH and 2Ps which I’d left behind on my left. On the right, Greg sent his Libu 3Wb and a 2Ps after my 3Ax and a 2Ps up on a steep hill. The 2Ps was destroyed but I sent the element that had been supporting my Sp up there as Greg’s chariotry were well masked. With the aid of that element I despatched the Wb and Ps, but by that time the Egyptian Bw were hard at work on the Light Horse and Psiloi.  I think I lost a Kn to a 6-1 against a LCh as well, and maybe an Sp doubled. In the end I went down 5-2. 

Playing the winner, Alex stepped in to try his luck using the Lydians. This time the Lydians had invaded Egypt.

Alex's setup vs Greg. Lydians on the right.

Alex used the same force mix as I did and ended up with similar problems as his light troops made a charge to glory against Greg’s archers. He went down 4-0 after a quick game.

We discussed the Lydian army briefly – I said the army seemed perfectly capable of winning but Alex pointed out its major weakness – the dice!

Greg stepped aside, and I had a game against Alex. This time the Lydians were attacking. I was fed up with those Egyptian archers so I decided to deploy all four of my 3Ax and go for them. I chose Ax instead of Sp because of their speed.

Setup in my game against Alex.

Alex set up two of his archers on a steep hill on his left, and the third in a built up area on his right. This was a fairly narrow deployment area so I was able to set up two Kn in a position to mask Alex’s chariots and three Ax with a supporting 2Ps to attack the archers on the hill. Alex’s archers put up stout resistance but were eventually overwhelmed by my auxillia. These and their supporting psiloi turned around to support my knights who were attacked Alex’s chariots from the front, destroying the two in the front rank. In the last turn my general joined in, quick killing a 4Bd, giving the Lydians a 5-0 win.

Some of my victory may be attributable to Alex becoming confused about where my auxillia actually were. My steep hills, despite my checking them when I made them, were a bit of a disaster, with elements sliding all over the place. I think I made the mistake of checking the slopes with elements that I had not yet put self adhesive magnetic tape on. The magnetic tape is shiny and smooth, meaning that troops have nothing to hold them in place on a slope, as opposed to my cardboard bases that were just rough enough to stay in place. I’ve now got to consider my options for fixing those hills.


4 responses to “One night, three games

  1. Good to see you’re getting some practice with the Lydians. You seem to be having the same sort of luck I had at the start with my Carthaginians. It came right in the last game, though!

    The speed of auxilia make them an interesting troop type. I’ve enjoyed my recent outings with the Ancient Spanish.

    I reckon hills need to be very flat, otherwise there are all sorts of problems: besides falling off, you have the issue of units that are aligned before getting onto a hill won’t be after they come off it.

    • I haven’t tried my gentle hills with elements with the magnetic stuff on them – they might be alright. Otherwise it’s stepped hills for me!

    • The big advantage that FBC has over the NWA is that the FBC has seats, which makes it easier to spend a Friday evening there!

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