Donnington Scythians have arrived

My order of Donnington’s Scythians and camp followers arrived the other day. There are no photos of the Scythians on the Donnington website yet so I thought I’d post some.
Their new horses look great but they are a little wider than the old ones so the one rider I tested has its legs too close together. All I did was put my needle nosed pliers in between the rider’s legs and open them and that widened the riders stance perfectly. I must remember to do that before I paint them all!

The horses, clockwise from top left: HH01, HH03, HH05, HH04, HH02

The riders themselves are nicely detailed – perhaps a little stocky but not badly so. The general is waving a Macedonian’s head (which also solves the question of what the unusual crest was on Macedonian helmets – it’s a handgrip for Scythians!) and he has a good Scythian applique design on his shield.

Scythian riders from left to right: SC02, 03, 04, 06, 08, 09, and 11


Closer view of the shields

NOTE: The website still has the codes for the old horses. If you contact Donningtons they will give you the right codes for the new horses (there are more) and price everything up.

2 responses to “Donnington Scythians have arrived

  1. That’s right, judging by the helmets and looking at the very good Osprey book these are late 5th or early 4th century making them OK for I/43 a or b.

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