A long time since my last confession

Christmas, gardening and figure painting have meant that I’ve not been gaming much, and my blog has been sadly neglected. But I have had a couple of gaming sessions since my last post…

After much bad luck with timing I got along for another big game of 6mm Fast Play Grande Armee at Andrew’s place. The Battle of Katzbach (1813) Russo Prussians (me and another) vs the French. I didn’t do too well I think. The battlefield was split down the middle by a river (the Katzbach) and for most of the game I had the right bank.

Mine's the disorganised army on the left

There was a wood on my left that made things very congested, and by the time I found out that cavalry could pass through other friendly units at will it was too late. Looking back I could have sent my cavalry hooning around to allow me to create a more organised battle line, but in the end I ended up being squeezed into a narrow gap. There’s a rule about moving units that are close to the enemy – if you roll a 1 you don’t move, and a 6 means you have to attack the nearest enemy in front of you. Much fun but it conspired against me as well by sending weak units on charges to glory while the units that I wanted to do the attacking just sat there.

Otherwise I had a few games of DBA at the Fairfield Bowling Club. Me using my Assyrians and Alex with my Philistines. Great fun and I wish I’d had my camera as the last game had my general breaking through the Philistine lines.

Santa gave me $100 so I used a fair bit of  it at the MilSims sale – I bought an ACW boardgame (Chickamauga) and the Burning Drachens set for Wings of War.


What do you think?

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