Progress and plans

About this time last year I blogged about what my plans were for the year. I’m pleased to say that I nearly did as much as I’d planned. I managed to paint III/52 (Eastern Franks), IV/5 (Sicilians), and IV/1a (Komnenans). I/27 (Early Hebrews) are very nearly finished. The extra elements I need to make I/27 into I/34 (Later Hebrews) are prepped and should be done in a while. The only army I’ve not really started is I/31 (Neo Hittites). That army is a bit tricky to find figures and chariots for but I think I’ve figured out what I need to buy, at least. I may try to paint them in small groups in between doing other things. I did manage to do some painting I hadn’t planned on – a morph force for IV/13a (Medieval Germans) and my Lydian army (I/50).

My main army painting plans for the year are to paint I/48 (Thracians) and I/43 (Skythians), both of which will be handy for use at clubs as they have quite a few enemies from the classical era. I’m also going to paint III/18 (Bretons) and III/24 (Middle Anglo Saxons). Those armies will be goood to use for playtesting Dux Bellorum, and III/24 will morph easily into III/71 (the Anglo Danes).

Otherwise there are many DBA morphs I could look at, and I’m itching to paint a couple of squads of WWII troops for Force on Force or DHC7B and/or repaint my 1/300 1980’s NATO force, probably for Cold War Commander. But another approach which worked for me last year was to tag along and use other people’s armies – that got me a couple of games of Fast Play Grande Armee, and a game of Crossfire. I’ve also got my board wargames stash to rediscover.


What do you think?

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