Progress in a number of directions

Over December and the Christmas break I got a fair bit done… an entire Early Hebrew army, some Libyans (and Shardana Guard) who will join my Libyan Egyptian army and who also represent the start of an Early Libyan army, Normans (initially for my Sicilian army), an Early Hungarian Command, and a Lydian camp (with Greek minstrels as camp followers).

Completed and nearly completed figures

The Libyans are from Magister Militum, the Shardana are Essex, the knights are all Khurasan, the minstrels are Xyston, the tent is from Baueda, and the camp followers are Donnington, with a Corvus Belli (?) dog. Phew. That goes to show how much variety in the figure market, and how much work is involved in selecting figures.

Shortly after this picture was taken my Hungarian command fell off the tray when I was taking it outside to spray the matt varnish. Much touching up then ensued. I’ve also made a start on the figures to morph my Early Hebrews into later ones – they should be ready for a photo in a week or so.


What do you think?

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