Getting ready for IWC and beyond

I’ve been doing a little housekeeping lately for the IWC which is coming up next weekend.

I found that my DBA game mat was 23×24 inches, rather than the regulation 24 inch square. It was a 40 degree (110F) day when my wife and I made the old one, so I’m hardly surprised it turned out a little wonky. So I bought some fabric at the Lincraft sale to make a simple one, as well as a reversible ‘sand and grass’ one, with a 6×4 sheet left over for bigger games.

My measuring sticks have become somewhat worn out, which implies I can’t complain about not getting enough DBA playing done! I’ll repaint those this weekend.

I finally finished flocking my Hebrews and Khurasan knights. The Khurasan knights will mostly be for my Norman army, but one stand will form part of my Hungarian army along with a spare Khurasan command element I had. Their flag is a little anachronistic for the early 12th century period that my army is for, but the historically correct red and white stripy one has been adopted by modern day Hungarian ultra nationalists.

My first batch of knights from Khurasan miniatures, Hungarian command in the foreground

I got down to my wife’s family’s beach house for the first time in a couple of years and made a start on two PST 1/72 KV-85’s for my WWII gaming. They are a little nice for wargaming, really, but they are not expensive and they go together nicely. The link-and-length tracks make for slow work. I cheated with the fit of the track links on the drive sprocket by removing the teeth where the tracks were supposed to go, they weren’t going to fit without a lot of drilling – I’ll just give them a coat of ‘mud’. I followed the instructions a little too closely in making the first one, so its tracks are a little tight, but there are enough spare track links for me to be able to make the second one have more realistically droopy ones. If I was to make one of these as a model for display I’d replace the track guards with mangled ones made from sheet metal, as they were very lightweight and photos show them in various states of disrepair – up to missing completely.

The beginnings of two 1/72 KV-85s from PST models.

My workbench in the garage is coming along well. The box on top contains a fancy spray booth for my airbrush. I’ve just got to add some shelving and lighting.

My workbench, cluttered before it's even finished.


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