Two new army pages and some progress

I’ve finally got around to adding the army pages in for my Early and Later Hebrews which I finished painting a while ago. The Early Hebrews don’t have an enemy yet so at some stage I will paint the figures I need to convert my Early Bedouins to an earlier version of the list.

Speaking of deserts, my daughter has been helping me with redoing my desert terrain: an oasis, dunes, and rough.

Mad's works on a DBA Dunes terrain piece. The coffee is mine, don't worry.

Otherwise I’m working on a Middle Anglo Saxon army, mainly so I can use the figures in games of Dux Bellorum, but also as an enemy for my Sub Roman British. I remember reading somewhere that the Middle Anglo Saxons were an unpopular army in DBA. It’s certainly not the sort of army you could expect much success with in a competition. But it should be fine against its historical opponents – or at least ‘historical’ against them, I imagine the Welsh would beat them if they stayed on their hills. I bought a pack of Saxon warband from Magister Militum a while back and didn’t really appreciate how good the figures were. I got nine figures (strange as they are sold in packs of eight) and they are in nine poses. I’ll certainly be getting a command pack for them. I’m just making do with keeping one stand recognisable at the moment but the Magister Militum command pack includes a king with a face mask helmet and a dragon standard, so they are a ‘must’ for me. I think the Saxons that Magister Militum sell are former Navigator Miniatures figures but they are tucked away in the ‘Classical’ section of the Magister Militum website.

Magister Militum Saxons - they look better 'in the flesh'


One response to “Two new army pages and some progress

  1. The Hebrews look very neat, especially the Early ones. Those Navigator figures look good too. A better army for Dux Bellorum, perhaps, than DBA.

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