Unlucky Alexius

I got a couple of quick games of DBA in at the Fairfield Bowling Club the other Friday. I fielded my Eastern Franks (III/52) against Kingo’s new Komnenan Byzantines (IV/1).

Setup in the first game of the evening

In the first game I had a bit of trouble finding enough space when I set up. Because I was hemmed in I was greatly troubled by the gang of Turcopoles and Pechnegs on my right flank.

The moment before combat began

 The Byzantine light horse killed two elements of knights but I was gradually able to plug away until I had destroyed four of his elements. The last of my kills was a light horse, destroyed in a risky 2-0 attack by my general after they had recoiled into a wood. My infantry troops were in a stand off against Kingo’s foot who were on a steep hill.

Setup in the second game

 The second game we played with the same armies. I was the defender and I swapped the steep hill that Kingo’s troops had sheltered on in the previous game with a smaller wood. A decline in Kingo’s luck in the previous game translated to dismal luck in this one, and very good luck for me. In the first combat two of his light horse attacked my cavalry, with one closing the door. Kingo rolled a six – and so did I. In my next turn my cavalry destroyed its opponent. There were an astonishing number of 6-1s in this game, all in my favour. Usually these were in combats between my spearmen and Kingo’s cavalry, so they were ‘flees’ as opposed to ‘kills’ but it did mean my infantry were able to make fairly good progress down the table, as sometimes the entire Byzantine cavalry line ended up 400 paces away with their backs to them. Meanwhile I was whittling away at Kingo’s foot with a couple of knights. My only casualty was a knight that didn’t have enough recoil room, but thanks to the buttocks of death it destroyed the Byzantine cavalry element it had recoiled into. But after four lost elements the Byzantines called it a day.

Although it would have been handy to have dismounted blades, at least in the second battle, I still haven’t got around to making a couple of elements identifiable as the Swabian dismountable knights. I mean to give them lance pennons one day.


3 responses to “Unlucky Alexius

  1. Commiserations to Alexius. What manufacturer are his Komnenans? They’re an army I’ve had a lot of fun with.

    Those little finishing projects like the Swabians can take time to get to!

  2. That was just sheer terrible luck. They did cause me a few headaches in the first game.
    Those are Essex figures. The army is somewhat old fashioned for a Komnenan list, eg the cavalry are mixed archer/lancer bases which hark back to Nikephorean times, but it’s great morph-fodder.
    I cut out some lance pennons for my Swabians a while ago but I wasn’t happy with the paint job and they lanquishe. Some day I’ll cut out some more and finish them I guess!

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