Progress on Scythians and Saxons

I’ve been off work for a little while – paternity leave on the arrival of my son Alistair. We have a two and a half year old girl already but in my spare time (usually while the washing was on and later in the evening) I managed to paint a few batches of my Scythian army. I painted them in batches of four as that allowed me to feel like I’d accomplished something at the end of a session. Usually I go for batches of eight mounted or sixteen foot – but batches that size need a lot of free time. These are Donnington Miniatures figures.

Donnington Miniatures Scythian light horse nearing completion

The riders are one of their older ‘Originals’ range, and that shows in the rather crude sculpting, but there are lots of poses and they paint up OK. The horses are from their ‘New Era’ range and are a little bigger than the old horses, so I had a bit of trouble fitting the riders on. All the riders are sculpted with the Scythian gorytos combined quiver and bowcase, and that had the effect of making the figures’ right legs difficult to bend. I only have eight elements of the Donnington figures because I had some Museum Miniatures figures that I wanted to use. They are very different but their horses are a better size for steppe nomads (tiny) and they are quite crisply moulded. I’ll base them on their own and use them as the optional LH elements.

As well as the Scythians I have painted three Magister Militum Goths as the Sub Roman British mercenary cavalry element for my Saxon Army.

Magister Militum Dark Ages cavalry

That army has been nearly finished for a while so I’ll try to make an effort to finish it. The cavalry came from a hotch potch of figures I have been trying to put together a Breton army from but they aren’t really suitable for Breton 3Cv – who were well armoured javelin wielding cavalry. I haven’t seen any suitable figures anywhere so I might just quietly shelve that project and just paint another six of the Magister Militum ‘DARK004’ as mounted skirmishers for Dux Bellorum.


One response to “Progress on Scythians and Saxons

  1. The Scythians are looking good. They’ll provide a historical opponent to a lot of different armies, and I think they can be morphed for a few armies or used as allies in a few too. Very neat!

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