Welsh and Normans

 I went to the Nunawading Wargames Association on Friday for my first time in a while. I took my Philistines and Early Bedouins but Matt had been doing more shopping at the Dragon Painting Service and he’d bought Welsh and Normans, so we agreed to give them a try.

Matt's Welsh from DPS


Matt's Normans from DPS

Matt used the Welsh first, and he was the defender. He set up a couple of steep hills and a couple of woods. I successfully rolled for the edge with terrain on each flank. Matt deployed outside his wood.

Setup for the first game

I decided to try to keep Matt off the central hill for as long as I could with my psiloi, which would hopefully give my knights a chance to get around the hill and catch the Welsh in the open. My psiloi managed to get onto the hill first and they were attacked by a pair of Welsh warband. The first was recoiled, so the second was at 2-3. I doubled that, and, quite pleased with myself, began my next turn. I noticed Matt looking closely at his destroyed element and he announced that he’d realised that it was his general. A quick review of the dice rolls revealed that he would have been doubled even at 3-3, so that was it!

My victorious psiloi

In the second game I took the Welsh, and after some stellar die rolls I got to be the attacker. Feeling somewhat caught in the headlights, I tucked my entire army except for the general and a Wb into a wood.

The Welsh lurk in their wood.

And I stayed there. Sometimes I sent troops out of the wood to pick off light troops, but they usually moved away, so back I went into the wood. The battle escalated as Matt’s forces closed in. He began closing in on my camp. I managed to kill the first knight that headed for my camp with a warband an psiloi, but a second one came along. This destroyed the warband. Matt’s knight charged in to take my camp, but my general took it back again in my next bound, destroying the Norman knight in the process. Meanwhile on the other flank I had ventured out after a psiloi, which was later joined by the Norman scouts. My general left the camp because I didn’t want to pay double PIPs and I neglected to send anything else to occupy it – I was preoccupied with the Norman 2LH which I was attacking at 2-1, trying to make it 2-0 with another warband overlapping. Matt sent another knight around my left flank which destroyed the lone psiloi facing it and walked into the unoccupied camp and that won the game for him.

The end of the game

Matt was pleased and relieved that it was over because I’d made life very difficult for him. I was pleased that I’d bagged two knights but I could have held out a bit longer. However I think if I’d reoccupied the camp, Matt would have been able to win by catching the elements I’d sent out chasing his skirmishers. Neither Matt or I chose the cavalry option for the Normans. In the second game they might have given Matt the mobility to deny me the chance to leave the wood.

2 responses to “Welsh and Normans

    • Not an easy one at all, no, I did feel a bit bad about skulking in the wood though. And the Wb vs Ps matchup proved somewhat surprising too!

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