Middle Saxon army page done

In a fairly frantic photography session on Sunday morning (before the rain set in and completely spoiled the light) I managed to photograph my Middle Anglo Saxon DBA army. I discovered that the sink bench in kids’ bathroom is a natural lightbox as it is on the north side of the house, without trees to shadow it, it has a frosted window so there are no harsh shadows, and there’s a big mirror to bounce the light around. I also managed to photograph my Scythians, so I’ll write them up soon.

For something completely different I spent a couple of hours painting two auxillia and a psiloi in order to morph my Early Bedouins (I/6c) into I/6b to fight my Early Hebrews. I should get them finished next weekend.

Bedouins in progress


2 responses to “Middle Saxon army page done

  1. Rather handy discovery about the bathroom for photography; it’s not easy getting the right natural light. The Anglo Saxons are looking very good. I recognize some of the figures from the Feudal Castings Viking range.

  2. That would probably explain it – I found a bag of Feudal Castings figures and I couldn’t remember why I bought them.

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