Dux Bellorum Welsh vs Saxons

My earlier games of Dux Bellorum were sometimes hindered by my accidentally picking up and rolling the dice that were being used to record cohesion. With that in mind I searched around and finally found some 8mm dice – 5mm ones I thought were too fiddly. I bought 20 each of red (for noble troops) and black (for the riff raff) dice from G2 Collectables.

I got to use them on Friday when I had a game with Michael. Because Michael was a newbie with DB I just picked two of the starter armies that I had enough figures for, so Michael had Welsh (made up from my DBA Romano Brits) and I had Saxons (My DBA Middle Anglo Saxons with some Slavic ‘Irish’ from my Early Hungarians). Strictly speaking the armies were from two different periods but I don’t think that mattered much. I used my 3 foot square game mat, so we placed five terrain pieces rather than the recommended 3 or 4.

Michael was defending, and placed his noble riders and companions in one group, warriors in another to their left, and skirmishers on the far left. Michael’s army also included a contingent of monks. I’ve based mine on a 30mm deep base, rather than the recommended 15mm, as I think it looks a bit better and it can also be used for HOTT. I mirrored Michael’s deployment, with my Saxon shieldwall on the left, a contingent of Irish warriors, and then my skirmishers.

Michael moved his mounted skirmishers forward and charged my skirmishers. That combat was even because the mounted skirmishers were in contact with both of mine. In the next turn Michael charged into my shieldwall with his riders,  and warriors.

Michael's mounted skirmishers have just charged mine.

Their charge bonus and some pretty lucky dice meant that my losses were slightly higher than his, even though my troops were better protected. Meanwhile my Irish warriors caught his skirmishers, who put up a pretty good fight before fleeing. I did a little better in the second round of the main bodies’ fight, but one of my skirmishers fled. Time ran out at this point, which was probably fairly lucky for me.

Situation when we called time. Some rather shabby looking units here!

The loss of a couple of units meant that I had fewer Leadership Points than I had at the start of the game, which was beginning to hurt. That said, I had three units on my right facing Michael’s remaining mounted skirmisher. That unit would have had it’s hands full trying to protect that flank, so I still had a chance. Michael’s monks were very handy – the leadership points they added gave Michael’s troops an advantage. Michael was a complete newbie with DB but it’s been a while since I’ve had a game too. Reading through the rules after the game, I don’t see any errors in our application of the rules, which speaks well of how they are written. Before my next DB game I’ll paint some movement sticks, as DB moves are in 40mm base widths rather than inches. I’ll also come up with some way of marking the deployment area as in DB you deploy near the centreline of the board rather than near the edge and away from the corners.


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