More Dux Bellorum

Michael came around for a game of Dux Bellorum the other Friday. Once again he used the sample Early Welsh list and I used the Saxons. We played the Dawn Attack scenario, and I was the defender. In this scenario the defender gets a fairly small area to set up in, as if they were in their encampment, and to simulate surprise the defender only gets 1 Command Point in their first turn, increasing by 1 each turn.

The situation at setup. My Saxons on the left.

Michael attacked in a bit of a rush, sending his riders in against the rudimentary battle line I’d been able to form.

The Welsh riders close in on the Saxon shieldwall.

The Saxon shieldwall held, and I was able to start working around the Welsh flanks with my unengaged second line, as well as beating up the Welsh skirmishers. Losing skirmishers doesn’t hurt the morale of your army but it does lose you CPs, so you can’t really take as many risks with them as you’d like.

The melee continues. The Saxons are Magister Militum and Feudal Castings figures.

The Welsh warriors finally caught up but they were committed piecemeal, one ending up completely surrounded by my troops. When we called it a night the Welsh were looking a bit shabby.

Late in the game. Note the lurking monks, and a couple of my units providing support.

Next time we play we will swap armies. I’m going to try sending in the Welsh warriors first, with the riders trying to work around the flanks or picking off strays. The Welsh monks are useful because they provide 2 CPs to nearby elements, but they aren’t the most lively of troops and so they get left behind fairly regularly. They would benefit from being included in a group until they get near where the action is, or perhaps starting off right at the front line, in the hope that enough of the army gets in front of them before the enemy get there. That should be fairly safe against the Saxons as they lack mounted troops. The Welsh should also have a Stampede element. I’m not sure I have enough sheep for that but the extra troops I substituted for them might be more useful anyway, if less fun.


5 responses to “More Dux Bellorum

  1. Interesting report. The use of skirmishers obviously involves experimentation. When does one side gain victory?

  2. In that scenario the defender wins if they haven’t routed by turn 12. I forgot to count the turns!

  3. A streamlined version of GoR sounds good to me – some of your comments make me think you are Melbourne based. Any chance of giving it a run through one night at NWA (assuming you are on the right side of the city)

    • I do go to the NWA when time allows – in fact I’ve probably met you. Unfortunately time, in the form of a four month old, doesn’t allow much at the moment but I’ll set up a game one day when it does. It’s great fun.

  4. Ah, yes – the four month old. I remember it well.

    Look forward to seeing you/trying the game some time soon!

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