Kingo’s commission finished, and another year over

A few weeks ago I finished the Mycenaean army I was painting for Kingo. It took a bit longer than I expected because of family stuff. It’s a big army due to all the choices you have. Hopefully the army list changes with DBA 3.0 won’t mean my painting has been in vain!

The chariotry and dismounted heroic charioteers

The infantry - lots of options here

I also found time to paint the two optional horde elements for my Middle Anglo Saxons. They will be pretty useless in DBA 3.0 but I can use them as levies in Dux Bellorum (although I think the DB levies are intended to be on a 15mm base). The figures were too good to not paint, anyway – the guys in coolie hats are from Khurasan Miniatures, while the rest are from Magister Militum.

Two mobs of Saxon levies

I’m waiting for the weather to cool down before I do more work on my ‘clearing the desk’ project –  having too many projects on the go at once was getting me down a bit. Anyway the next stage will be to finish my Middle Anglo Saxons, and then work on my Fairey Firefly and the KV-85s I started a while ago.

Looking back on my post from the beginning of the year, I had been planning to paint my Thracians, Skythians, Middle Anglo Saxons, Bretons, and a few morphs for DBA; and explore other games. I actually managed to get a model and three half models made. and four DBA armies and a couple of morphs painted, but I painted Kingo’s Mycenaeans and my Early/Later Hebrews instead of the Thracians and Bretons. The Thracians are fairly high on my list of things to do next, but a lack of figures means that the closest I’ll be getting to Bretons in the short term will be this rather nice cider I’m having as I write this.

A picture of my cider - filched from another blog


2 responses to “Kingo’s commission finished, and another year over

    • Just spotted your comment. I think the Saxon hordes are Chariot. They are buried in the ‘Classical’ section on the MM website.

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