Saxons, Samurai, and hovels

I realised a while back that I’ve got far too many projects on the go, and it was stressing me out a bit, so I thought I’d try to actually finish something. I thought I’d start with finishing the DBA armies that I will be using for Dux Bellorum, and some scenery I’m making for that game. I had started a Middle Anglo Saxon army but I wasn’t too happy with the command element, and I’d also set aside the figures and even undercoated some for the later-Middle Anglo Saxons, and the Anglo Danish. So without further ado:

I bought a Saxon command set from Magister Militum and now I have three Warband elements that look the part.

Saxon Warband from Magister Militum

Some figures that used to be Warband, as well as some Feudal Castings command-types, and a few others are now the Spearmen command and two more elements of Spearmen to make the later-Middle Anglo Saxons.

More spearmen, including a general, for the later-Middle Anglo Saxons

I painted three elements of Khurasan Huscarles to morph the Saxons into Anglo Danish.

Anglo Danish Huscarles

Hovels do a great range of reasonably priced buildings that paint up really nicely. These ones will allow me to play the Village Raid scenario in Dux Bellorum. I have yet to paint the little pig for the sty.

A Dark Ages or Early Medieval village

That’s not all for DB, last night I hunted out a couple of Dark Ages types who are just standing around. They will be bards for the Dux Bellorum ‘Bardic Battle’ scenario, based on the British tradition of losing horribly but writing an impressive eulogistic poem about the battle, eg, The Battle of Maldon and the Gododdin (not terribly good design on the Gododdin’s website, links to the other verses are in ghostly light blue in the lower right corner). The winner of a Bardic Battle is he who loses the most but has his bard in place to record the carnage. I started on a large palisade last weekend, and I have to finish some hedges that I started a while ago. In the distant future I should do some Scots, Irish, and Welsh, too.

The shenanigans surrounding the new version(s) of DBA have been a bit offputting for me lately, but it’s great inspiration for getting on with other games. Next up is Song of Blades and Heroes. Realising that I had a chance to have lots of fun, because you only need a few figures for SBH, I popped in to Eureka Miniatures a couple of weeks back, and bought some Samurai.

Samurai for Song of Blades and Heroes

In the back row of the photo there are some very nice scenic items from the Museum Miniatures Samurai range. In case you were wondering, the actual Samurai figures from Museum stand a head taller than the Eureka ones. The large toad (“Ice Toad”) is by Reaper Miniatures and was in the bargain bin at Mind Games. As an experiment I have undercoated these figures black (I usually use white) to see if it really is a better and faster way to go.


3 responses to “Saxons, Samurai, and hovels

  1. Like the Huscarls; the standard looks great! That’s a hefty bit of lead up the pole!

    Looking forward to seeing the Samurai i action. I’ve got quite a few SBH options now (none oriental, mind).

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