Song of Blades: Samurai, elves, and goblins

Mark dropped in over the weekend, and on Sunday we managed to find time for a couple of games of Song of Blades.

The first game we used my Samurai figures, and played the Place of Power scenario. Mark took the Takeda warband that included a Magic User, three Samurai, and five monks. I had my Uesugi warband, with three Samurai, three Ashigaru with hand weapons, and three Ashigaru archers. We rolled randomly for the place of power and it ended up in a clump of trees fairly close to one edge, which Mark decided to attack from.

Mark (who later blamed his hangover for this) got it into his head that I had the magic user and should not be allowed near the place of power, so he charged past it. Mark had a few issues with failing quality checks to move (his Standard Bearer was especially lazy), so his force was quite scattered, with a group of monks in a cherry grove within easy striking distance of my troops.

Things are looking rosy for my samurai… or are they?

Or so I thought anyway. My Leader charged in, hoping to order a group move for the other troops to join him, but in the event only one figure did. Before I could do much else, Mark’s magic user transfixed him, and he was promptly despatched by the monks. My troops rallied back to, (or toward) the standard bearer, who was close to the action so they were not too badly scattered. I managed to put together some good counterattacks while the Takeda warband were still scattered, and I killed a few of the monks. But despite being a coward with a combat factor of 1, Mark’s magic user refused to die, and he was able to put together a few more of the transfix-and-despatch plays, so my force eventually reached their breaking point. It wasn’t really my day, I even managed to roll so that of two of my three archers broke their bows.

Mark has played enough SBH to try some fairly experimental warbands. The two he got out for the game were a high quality band of six elves, versus hordes of goblins and a few higher quality figures. We set up closer together on the table because we were short on time. My three elven archers were devastating against the goblin dross, who had a combat factor of 1. The elves kept inflicting gruesome kills on them so Mark’s force quickly became a disorganised mob. I think I got five goblins, plus a wolf in hand to hand combat, before we had to stop so I could cook dinner.

Elves vs goblins. The elves in the centre of the picture have just killed a dire wolf.

The game was a bit one sided because the elven archers were so effective. On a forest board the goblins would have been able to get to grips a bit better, and Mark is going to look into including some archers in his goblin force.


What do you think?

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